What Did I Miss?

Scott Schebler and Billy Hamilton celebrate in the Reds win. Photo by The News Tribune.

In the best news you will read throughout the day, all 12 Thai soccer players and their coach have been rescued from the cave they have been stuck in for over two weeks. This near-catastrophe took place in Mae Sai, Thailand, where 13 people were trapped in a cave after a practice on June 23rd. A huge storm came through with monsoon rains which flooded the cave, trapping everybody inside.

Now, on July 10, everybody has been rescued thanks to Thai Navy SEALS, and the British divers who found them about a week ago. You can read more about this incredible story here.

Now onto some baseball, the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians are meeting for a three-game set in what is being called the “Ohio Cup.” The Indians are hosting this three game series, but came up short to their rivals down Interstate 71 last night by a score of 7-5.

Scott Schebler was 4-5 for the Reds with 3 RBI and a run scored. Tucker Barnhart went 2-4 with 2 RBI and Joey Votto hit a solo home run. Adam DeSclafani earned the win for the Reds, pitching 7 innings, only allowing 1 run and striking out three batters. The Reds have now won 15 of 21 games and are 40-51 on the season. The loss brings the Indians to 49-40 on the year.

The Wimbledon 2018 Tournament is going on right now in London. We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty here with only a few days left of the tournament. The Wimbledon Finals will be played on the Women’s side on Saturday, and the Men’s side on Sunday. Currently, none of the top-10 seeded Women remain in the tournament, but Serena Williams (#25) is still in the mix.

In NBA news, LeBron James made it official last night with his contract signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. You can read more on that news here.

The Top Play of the Day comes from the Bay Area, where the San Francisco Giants walked off with a win over the Chicago Cubs, thanks to a bases-loaded single from Pablo Sandoval.

In today’s action, the Reds and Indians will meet again this evening in Cleveland. A World Cup semifinal will be played between France and Belgium today, and the 2018 Wimbledon Tournament continues as well.