Buckeye Breakdown: Who Will Start At Center For The Buckeyes?

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Perhaps the biggest position battle for Ohio State football, now that it’s all but certain that Dwayne Haskins will win the quarterback job, is the center position.

After Rimington award-winning center Billy Price was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Buckeyes have a gaping hole to fill at center on the offensive line and Price leaves very big shoes to fill.

So, the question remains, as Ohio State is already six practices deep into fall training camp, as to who will be the starting center for the Buckeyes this season?

We’re going to take a look in today’s Buckeye Breakdown.

At the start of fall camp, Brady Taylor was the presumed favorite to win the job with Josh Myers competing for the starting job as well. However, on Monday when practice was opened to the media, it was noted that Michael Jordan was taking a fair amount of snaps at the center position.

Jordan has been the starting left guard for the Buckeyes the past two seasons and has much more starting experience than both Taylor and Myers.

This move may be kind of out of the blue but history shows that whenever Ohio State moves one of their best guards to center, it usually works out well for them.  Take the last two seasons as examples.  In 2016, Pat Elflein moved from right guard to center and ended up winning the Rimington Award.  In 2017, Billy Price made the same move and he, too, won the Rimington Award.

Those are certainly two big shoes to fill for whoever takes the reigns at center, but as one of the best offensive linemen over the past two seasons for the Buckeyes, Michael Jordan certainly seems capable of handling that spot.

Although, fifth-year senior Brady Taylor seems like he could handle the challenge as well.  After being in the program for over four years, one would certainly hope he’s up to the challenge by now.

Josh Myers is also an intriguing fit at center.  Myers is a redshirt freshman who came to Ohio State as part of the 2017 recruiting class as a four-star recruit.  Myers may be one of the most talented linemen for the Buckeyes but if it’s a tie between him and Michael Jordan, Ohio State will probably go with the more experienced player.

We might not know who the starting center will be until the season opener and we still don’t have access to ask coaches about it due to the media blackout surrounding the Urban Meyer investigation.  However, if history is any indicator, and it usually is, don’t be surprised if we see Michael Jordan at center for Ohio State’s season opener.

The Buckeyes are six practices deep into fall training camp and they will kick off their 2018 season on September 1st against Oregon State.


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